Newly released for the Dingoo Family of Consoles. comes this news from Dingoonity, heres the release news:

That's right, after 2 long years, OpenDingux finally reached a first end-user release.

Here's what the developers have to say:
Quote from: mth on June 16, 2012, 11:34:55 PM

It has happened, the egg that was laid two years ago has finally hatched: Ayla and I have declared OpenDingux to be ready for end users. So if you are using Dingux and would like a more polished distro, this would be the ideal time to try OpenDingux. Or if you are already using an OpenDingux pre-release, it is a good time to upgrade.
You can download the kernel, rootfs and (if you are a developer) the toolchain from the OpenDingux Releases page.
The installation consists of 3 steps:

  • install the dual boot loader, see instructions on the wiki; it is the same boot loader as for legacy Dingux, so if you already have it installed, skip this step
  • download the right kernel, put it in the root of your SD card and name it "zImage"
  • download the rootfs, put it in the root of your SD card and name it "rootfs.bin" (note: ".bin" is new compared to legacy)

Note that the dual boot loader can have issues with files being placed at the end of a large SD card, so if it fails to boot, please retry with an empty card.
OpenDingux has nice splash and loading screens, configuration tools for the audio mixer and TV-out, simple per-app CPU clocking configuraton in gmenu2x and allows you to control brightness, volume, TV-out and several other features at any time with power slider + button combinations. The wiki contains more information about OpenDingux.
For developers: when targeting OpenDingux, please use the SDL_HWSURFACE and SDL_DOUBLEBUF flags when opening the video surface, so you can take advantage of higher performance and V-SYNC. You might also like to hear that OpenDingux has an updated FTP daemon that works with many more FTP clients, so you can upload your program under development while the system is running.
Many thanks to everyone who helped with ideas and testing, especially the people on the #dingoonity IRC channel.

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Author/Porter: Ayla, mth, others