A few days ago I mentioned oct0xor’s breakthrough on the PS3 scene, as he and a few others started digging into the many dongle “hacks” on the PS3. The goal was simple: it is today clear that on a PS3 CFW, no dongle should be needed to add any extra features. Everything is done by software hacks, and the dongles are just here (with their DRM friends) as a money source for the guys who came up with the hacks.In theory, that wouldn’t be so bad (I do understand that hackers want to make money with their work), except when it’s unethical. Such is the case of the True Blue dongle (“pay to play pirated games”), or the PS3USerCheat dongle (“pay for cheat codes that we stole from a free project”), and I assume this is the thinking behind oct0xor’s actions.
Today he reverse engineered the PS3UserCheat dongle, and released a package that replaces it entirely.
This basically means the end of that dongle (unless you’re reaaaaally stupid and want to pay people for something that is basically free), and I want again to emphasize that you shouldn’t feel bad about this, since the team behind that dongle was stealing cheat codes from a free project.
PS3UserCheat is among the PS3 dongles one of those with the easiest encryption/DRM pattern. This is, however, still a breakthrough, as oct0xor says:
btw its first dongle hacked since original psjailbreak
oct0xor mentioned he will be reverse engineering two other dongles, one of them being True Blue, but that is of course another level of difficulty.
1/3…. Who’s next ?

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