Is it genuine? Is it fake? Or so old as to be completely irrelevant? After first getting an early airing at the beginning of May on a little-known website with no media follow-up, the "Xbox 720" document has finally been distributed publicly in all its 56-page glory, offering what is apparently an intriguing glimpse of the future of the entire Xbox brand.
We see connectivity with other devices, we see the evolution of the platform into an all-encompassing media brand, we see sci-fi style augmented reality glasses cropping up in 2014, and finally a transition to full cloud streaming gameplay - and what could be interpreted as the end of consoles as we know it.
"Next-gen tech, transmedia gaming, augmented reality concepts and the end of the console as we know it - the Xbox 720 'leak' strains credibility somewhat but offers some interesting ideas"

At the time we first saw snippets of the original doc, we dismissed it as a hoax. As visionary as certain aspects were, many elements of the basic specs being discussed simply didn't stack up from a technical perspective - and to be brutally thank, they still don't. Beyond the vision, the spec sheet itself makes very little sense whatsoever.
With the actual 56-page Powerpoint file now leaked publicly and the additional notes this give us, it now seems more likely that the presentation is authentic, but also very, very old - dating from summer 2010. The focus is far more on ideas and the value of the overall offering presented in marketing terms rather than providing much in the way of hard data on what is planned for the technical make-up of the new machine. It is perhaps telling that of the 56 pages in the presentation, only one of them details the core technology underpinning the whole exercise, with nebulous specs and metrics that mostly seem to be plucked out of thin air. The documents discuss a $2,000 PC in a $300 box for the living room, but this is somewhat at odds with the actual hardware being proposed.