Square Enix has released its first-person puzzler Quantum Conundrum on PC via Steam.
The title recently stole the show at this month’s E3 convention held in Los Angeles as one of the most decorated titles showcased, achieving 12 awards and nominations in categories such as Most Innovative, Best Puzzle Game, Best Original Game and Best of Show.
Players of the game take control of a young boy who happens to be the nephew of one brilliant, eccentric inventor – Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. Spending the weekend with their genius uncle, players soon find themselves lost within the technological wonderland that is the Quadwrangle Manor.
Using the wacky inventions found within the estate – specifically the Inter-Dimensional Shift (IDS) Device, players have the ability to shift the world around them and must navigate their way through five different dimensions in order to find their lost uncle. To do this, you must progress through the rooms of the manor, which become increasingly more bizarre and challenging as the game progresses.