The social networking site has triggered an angry backlash from its users after changing the way their email addresses are displayed.
Whilst a user’s preferred email address was displayed by default previously, the company has replaced this with the address provided by the social networking site.
In response to the changes, the company has stated it acted in order to make information “consistent” across its site. However, many have contributed the changes to Facebook’s desire to establish a successful email service, which would in turn drive more traffic to the site and boost advertising sales.
Users of site have already expressed their anger towards the changes and a number of tutorials on how to revert to original email addresses rather than those offered by Facebook have already appeared online.
A statement issued by the company reads: "We are providing every Facebook user with his or her own Facebook email address because we find that many users find it useful to connect with each other, but using Facebook email is completely up to you,"
The site’s email service operates alongside its internal messaging system and is designed to provide users the convenience of checking both types of communication from the same place.
To undo the changes, users need to click on the "about" link within their profile and then “edit” their contact information. After doing this, users must then click to make their Facebook email “hidden from timeline” and select to have their preferred email address visible.