Push yourself to the limit. Kat-Tun is encouraging everyone to live up to their full potential and exceed their limit. Their 18th single is a dense rock beat.

The thrum of the bass and the drum sets everyone's blood on fire. The cyber sounds, however, adds a cool texture to the music. A rap sequence opens the song, giving it an ultra modern feel.

To the Limit marks a first time for Kat-Tun. Instead of dancing and posing, they put a story into their music video. It takes place in an air port that is under siege by terrorists. The staff and passengers, played by the members, tap into their hidden talent to subdue them. The regular edition comes with the song Spirit.

Reach your limit and take off:

To The Limit (~Kat-tun) JPN * US$ 14.99 To The Limit [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Kat-tun) JPN * US$ 21.99

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