Heres the latest news from the PSN Team:

Those of you with keen eyes and a twitter account (pointed straight at @PSAccess for UK PlayStation goodness) will know that the BBC Sports App is now available as a beta trial in the UK!
Downloading the app is stupendously easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Start your PlayStation3 system and sign in to PlayStation Network
  • On the XMB menu, navigate to the TV/Video Services category
  • Select “My Channels” with the X button
  • Locate the BBC Sport Beta icon (Pro tip. It’s big, yellow and says “BBC Sport” on it)
  • Download the app as prompted. It’s 32MB in size. Once installed, it’ll start automatically
  • When you want to access the BBC Sport app in future, just select it from the TV/Video Services menu – no need to go into “My Channels”

Currently the app will give you video coverage across 3 events: Euro 2012, Formula 1 and Wimbledon. Each sport has a “News & Catchup” section which allows you to watch short videos with the latest highlights, news and interviews; and a “Live Coverage” panel where you can catch live streaming coverage from each of the events. You can even access the XMB whilst using the app to send messages and spoil the scores for your mates. Bliss.
The BBC Sport app is in beta, so if you spot anything amiss whilst using it, please let us know over on the PlayStation Forums here and we’ll pass it on to the BBC.
Keep your eyes on the blog for more news about the BBC Sport App, especially in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics!