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Thread: Sega Saturn Controller and Virtua Stick hit the PlayStation 2 alongside a bunch of Se

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    Default Sega Saturn Controller and Virtua Stick hit the PlayStation 2 alongside a bunch of Se

    News from <a href="" target="_blank" >Lik Sang</a>

    <BLOCKQUOTE>Just how classic games don't feel the same when played with a keyboard, for some Sega fans certain PS2 titles just don't feel the same without the good old Saturn pad in their hands. Being arch enemies with the original PlayStation, back in the mid 90's no one would have believed we'd ever see the Saturn controller with an officially licensed PlayStation logo on the front, but here it is! Along with six front buttons, two triggers, a great D-pad for fighters and schmups, and a very ergonomical shape, start and select buttons have been added.

    Arch enemies yes, but the Saturn was beaten down by PlayStation on the economical side of things. There's no doubt it couldn't be topped at 2D beat 'em ups however, and back in those days, the Virtua Stick was considered the best arcade stick ever made, and still is today by many old school gamers. Based on Sega's own Arcade Cabinet joysticks, the heavyweight stick has also been brought to PlayStation, complete with its large rapid fire buttons and micro-switches for smooth reliable movements. Both the controller and arcade stick were released last Thursday, just before Easter break, and are in stock and shipping within 24 hours.

    For long time Sega followers, don't forget we also stock the Sega AGES titles as they are released in Japan. Coming up are Fighting Vipers then Dragon Force, a port that keeps the classic 2D look we love, but adds so much new stuff it's the first Sega AGES release to require a DVD-ROM! Also for the US though, Sega Ages Phantasy Star Trilogy is due May 1st, and includes additional storyline content, enhanced soundtracks, and improved visuals.

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    I'm awaitin the chance to get my hands on the US version of the ages stuff in the classics pack, if it ever makes it over here that is, or if I ever get round to makin another slide card

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