Games Britannia: Replayed, described by its organisers as "part cultural festival, part gaming expo, part art exhibition and part educational conference," will open its doors to the public on July 7 and 8.
Taking place at the MAGNA Science Adventure Centre in Sheffield, the event will play host to a celebration of the British game industry's past 40 years, showcasing the most groundbreaking PC, arcade and console games in each genre from the period.
The display will be supported by keynote speeches and workshops form the UK industry's key players, including GoldenEye producer Martin Hollis and Football Manager creator Kevin Toms (who will be joined by Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson).
It's not all about the UK, however, as the event will see a number of publishers - including the likes of Namco and Nintendo - showing their games. Ni No Kuni and Tales Of Graces F will make their UK debuts, too.
For more information on the show, and to buy tickets, head over tothe official website.