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Bigger is better. And when the screens are bigger, massive monsters, too, can make that leap and look impressive. Rising in popularity, the Nintendo 3DS gets a larger, younger brother, the Nintendo 3DS LL (or XL, in English versions).

Not only are the screens bigger, the batteries last longer. When fully charged, it lasts from 3.5 hours to 6.5 hours.

The touch pen grows longer too, to fit with the new size. The new console is compatible with all the games its older brother is compatible with. And right off the bat, gamers get to choose between three hot colours: Red, Black and Silver.

Please bear in mind that the package comes with the 4GB SD Card but not the Adapter. The console is compatible with the existing 3DS and DSi adapters but not the Nintendo DS adapters.

The Japanese and European 3DS LL (or XL) consoles are coming in July while the US versions come in August: