Heres the latest news from the PSN Team:

Hi Everyone,
Two months ago we asked all of you to contribute to Sly’s latest heist by designing one of the treasures he might find during his missions through time.
The response we got was overwhelming in quality and quantity, and Sanzaru had to struggle quite a bit to choose the 20 final winners. Nonetheless, those winning entries have now been selected!
You can find them all here.
Is yours one of them?
If so, you’ll be pleased to know you’ve won a PS Vita and a 16GB Memory Card. But that’s not all! The winners have also gained access to the second round of the competition – among all local winners, Sanzaru will pick EIGHT final winners that will see their designs transformed into real in-game treasures.
This means you’ll get the chance to steal a treasure designed by a fellow Sly fan, no matter whether you decide to play the PS Vita or the PS3 version. And as you may remember, Sly is coming to both platforms at the same time.
Check out the trailer here!