Ten months of NDA-induced Wii U silence was rudely interrupted by a leaked trailer, just prior to E3. Not only did the naughty video reveal a sequel to the rather stonking Rayman Origins, it confirmed a Wii U release and exclusive functionality. Nintendo made it this close to E3 without anyone spilling the Wii U beans... but not close enough. So what did the leaked footage tell us? And did it reveal anything it wasn't supposed to?
1. Wii U pumps out pretty gamesA 2D platformer may not push Wii U's innards like one of Bruce Wayne's photorealistic Bat-pecs, but it's certainly no slouch. Already, Legends is sharper than Origins, boasting pin-sharp toons bathed in incredi-lighting. Check out the winged beasties lit up by purple fireworks and try to stop the drool pooling around your knees.