BloodRayne fans will be pleased, we're sure, to know that PS2 entry BloodRayne 2 is on it's way to the PlayStation Store as an emulated PS2 Classic.
Everyone else maybe not quite so much. The game received a luke-warm reception when it hit PS2 and the first Xbox in 2004 in US and 2006 in EU, and never really achieved cult status either.Which makes us question who's choosing the PS2 releases on PSN? PS2 has one of the biggest and richest libraries of any console, but the selection of emulated digital releases for PSN has been questionable so far.
Perhaps Sony is reserving all its best retro titles for the pricier HD remakes that have seen a far better selection of PS2 classics come to PS3.
Which PS2 games would you most like to see released on PSN?