Heroic adventures and naughtiness rolls into one in Agarest Senki 2. Follow the godslayer to his journey for redemption. The Limited Edition enhances your experience through a series of bonus items.
Open the box to discover the inflatable Felene Doll. Blow her up when you find her irresistible, and shrink her when you move your attention to another girl.

There is also a 8 x 12 inch towel. Wash your face before a big war, or clear your head when an important event with one of the girls comes up. The colourful art work is one of the most charming points about the game. Flip through the art book to see all the illustrations and sketches.

The Agarest Senki 2 Limited Edition just came into the warehouse, come grab a copy before they are gone:

Record of Agarest War 2 (Limited Edition) US * US$ 69.90

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