Concept device is “built to be hacked”.
Start-up company Ouya has got some serious weight behind its Android-powered games console device.
While the gadget was designed by Yves Behar of Jawbone Jamboxand One Laptop Per Child fame, the project's advisors include Ed Fries of Xbox fame and IGN’s Julie Uhrman is listed as founder and CEO.
The company’s AngelList page says:

  • Open, accessible game console for the biggest market in games: TV.
  • Any developer can publish games, just like mobile or social games today (but like no other console game platform). Orders of magnitude less expensive to develop.
  • Inexpensive enough for every consumer to buy, $99, and all the games are free to play. Every console is a dev kit; build peripherals, root the system – built to be hacked.
  • Built with Android as embedded OS.