via joystiq

Each year, NCL gives a gift to Platinum members of Japan's Club Nintendo (Platinum members can be spotted by their metallic coating as it shines in the winter sun -- and by their Club Nintendo accounts, which tally more than 400 points amassed during the previous calendar year). This year's prizes are especially funky. Shiny members may choose one item from a list (of two):

a Wii remote battery flap on which Nintendo will print the owner's Mii image (Miis should be sent to Nintendo through Wii Connect before February)

a copy of Club-exclusive DS title Tingle's Balloon Fight
Both items will be delivered in the spring, with the customized Wii remote plastic scheduled for production and delivery all the way through to August 31. We opted for the Mii gift, because we're so vain.

Feel free to commence the vitriolic "Why don't we get that stuff here?" comments --NoA isn't listening.