Get closer to the tormented spirits. The Crimson Butterfly flutters back to the game world, bringing you endless horror.

The butterfly is revived after nine years, and the rites are about to start again. Pick up your spirit camera, and with a torch in your hand, head deeper into the night to discover the truth behind the twins sacrifice rites.

With the new system, you are further pulled into the world of ghosts. Beware of the deadly pale hand the reaches out of the hazy darkness for you. Pick up items to investigate them and open paper screen doors to withhold the visions of terror. Don't worry, your sister is always with you.

Until she is possessed.

The EU version of Shinku no Chou has arrived:

Project Zero 2: Wii Edition EUR * US$ 54.90 Zero: Shinku no Chou JPN * US$ 78.90

Everything is in chaos. The punch is all you can depend on. Oh, there is the music as well. Inaba Atsushi of ...[more]