Get your fill of freebies and discounts from O2's exclusive Priority Moments service? Then you might be interested in where the UK carrier's headed next -- the running track. Nike's decided to team-up with the operator and, with its Nike+ tech, offer a new app hub that ties into the UK's very hectic summer of sport.Priority Sports was announced today in Nike Town, London, replete with the likes of marathon world record-holder Paula Radcliffe ready to talk up the new service which lands in August. The app will offer up videos, fitness advice and even more Nike-centric editorial content. Accessible on iPhone and Android, there will be priority access to new Nike products -- including the odd exclusive trainer -- and free entry to exclusive events tied into the scheme.Perhaps more importantly, the Nike+ GPS running app for Android (alongside companion services) will launch exclusively on O2 in the UK, starting today. The app will remain O2-only until the end of the year. Meanwhile, Priority Sports will launch next month and will include training sessions alongside Nike-sponsored athletes. The whole app also throws in embedded social network connectivity to Facebook. The app hasn't gone live just yet on Google Play, but should go live later today.