A handful of players using Wine, a program that allows Linux users to run Windows, recently reported being suddenly and unreasonably banned fromDiablo 3. These players have sent in support tickets and one in particular notes his account remains banned, posting the following response from Blizzard:

"An additional review of the action taken against the Diablo 3 account has been completed. We have confirmed our initial findings, and the account action will not be reversed or changed."

These players assert that they have not cheated. Blizzard community managerBashiok has responded to these claims, saying that players are banned for cheating, not for running benevolent software. "We've extensively tested for false positive situations, including replicating system setups for those who have posted claiming they were banned unfairly," he writes. "We've not found any situations that could produce a false positive, have found that the circumstances for which they were banned were clear and accurate, and we are extremely confident in our findings.

"Playing the game on Linux, although not officially supported, will not get you banned – cheating will."

A Reddit post (now complete with a "[Misleading Title]" preface) saw more Wine players speak up, saying that they can play with no problems. It appears the bans themselves may be more isolated than the initial thread made them appear, and they may be less scandalous, at least on Blizzard's end. The moral of the story is, as always: Don't cheat, whiners Winers.