Crediar , apparently in great form lately, a new version of its excellent cmIOS making it possible to run Gamecube games on Wii, from a USB device. This new update marks the return of retail games (on DVD so) , which could not be launched from the disc channel after an unfortunate bug, now fixed. The "PADHOOK" has also suffered a small correction (Dios Mios patchait still function even if the loader disabled it).

As usual, DM is provided as a WAD file that overwrites the original Wii MIOS (IOS ensuring the retro-compatibility Gamecube). =============== ============================================ Mini-tutorial installation and use: * Requirements: - DM 2.0 update 5 attached - Wad Manager or Channel File Manager (or other software capable of installing a WAD) - A loader manager Dios Mios 2.0 ( open wiiflow mod-R553 , usbloader GX r1193 , CFG loader mod r36 ) - A HDD compatible with a FAT32 partition, marked active , first on the HDD , formatted 32K if possible - conversion software games: DiscEX , GCReEX or Gamecube ISO Tool ( recommended) * Installation: - Install DM 2.0 with Update 5 or Wad Manager Channel File Manager (or other software capable of installing a WAD) - install the latest SVN version of your favorite loader (warning, the last compiled version is not necessarily the latest SVN version!) - Your Games Gamecube must be converted, two size choices available to you: discEX or GCReEX. Gamecube ISO Tool has a graphical interface and can convert in both formats. - The format DiscEX (-c) is recommended because it keeps the game in ISO format + bootloader while GCReEX unpacks all the files (making writing and transfer of the hardest games) - The GC games will be placed in a directory "Games" at the root of the FAT32 partition - The HDD should ABSOLUTELY be connected to the USB port of the Wii 0 * Usage: the loaders detect Dios Mios 2.0 and automatically look in the default directory "Games" at the root of a partition formatted as FAT32 and marked active, the HDD connected to port 0 console. No specific setting is required, UNLESS you want to enjoy your games with 480p PAL, you can force the options of your loader. Beware though, this option may cause minor problems with some video games. If you have any problem (black screen or otherwise), you can check the official FAQ Mios de Dios , fairly comprehensive on the subject. ====== ================================================== === Changelog: (2012-07-08) Fixed a bug broke Which retail disc loading bug Fixed a Which WAS DML_CFG_PADHOOK ignored if set or not (always patched PADHOOK in) (2012-06-30) Fixed a bug Which copied BI2 to the wrong address (fixed Pikmin) (2012-06-29) Fixed the error Muppet fixed some stuff in video GCLoader (2012-06-29) fixed some stuff in video GCLoader (2012-06-28) Added a new method of video mode forcing PADHook patch is now working for retail discs again Removed code from video mode power GCLoader Removed VIConfigure sane switch mode patch (2012-06-24) Added EHCI retry code, Which Should fix a Few More USB Devices That Were not working before. Fixed a crash DSI When using the progressive mode. prog Fixed patch mode Fixed a bug prevented the SRAM Which settings flushed To Be Added Which patch has fixed a green screen in some boxes (2012-06-23) Improved the USB / EHCI code, it now retries if year to initialize USB device facts. fixed some memory leaks Dios Mios 2.0 Update 5 Official site: