The past week was my first summer vacation week, and after spending much of my free time with the extra project I have been working on, I wanted to have some actual vacation time for a change. So, I did not code anything for DS2x86 until today, when I finally got a bit bored with simply being lazy. Today I then began again working on the Windows 3.11 support for DS2x86. No major progress yet, I am still debugging it to see why the VGA graphics register handling differs between DOSBox and DS2x86. I believe I first need to determine the cause of this difference before I can progress further, as the problems I am currently having seem to be related to the way that Windows 3.11 accesses the graphics card.
I did however hack together a simple text-mode screen copy routine, mostly just to be able to get some screen copies of my progress to my blog. :-) This is what the actual error message looks like. I believe this is caused by some VGA register handling difference.
So, I will continue working on this issue, hopefully I will eventualy get Windows 3.11 to actually start in DS2x86!