A US court has overturned the temporary sales ban on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus after the company filed for an appeal.
Restrictions on the sale of the device came into effect last week after Apple secured a ruling that the world's leading phone maker infringed one of its search patents.
Whilst the court did not give a reason for its U-turn over the decision, Apple will now have until Thursday to file its response.
Patent consultant, Florian Mueller, who has been following the case believes that if Apple are able to have the ban over the device reintroduced it may be months until Samsung are able to overturn the decision again.
The case between the two companies is not due to enter full trial until March 2014.
The patent being disputed by Apple involves the use of its single search interface which the company filed back in 2004, and is able to retrieve and display information gathered from a range of systems using a number of techniques.
It has predominantly been used by Apple with their voice-activated search function Siri, which gathers information from a number of sites such as Google, Yelp, Wolfram Alpha, Yahoo and Wikipedia.