“I’ve released the DS plugin for wordpress (and activated it here on my own wordpress blog). I hope you all like it. A big thank you to the original Nintendo Wii plugin team who made me want to do this and provided us with great source code of their plugin! A download linky + info can be found here;”

Wordpress Nintendo DS edition is a plugin + theme for Wordpress websites (based on the original Wii Wordpress plugin by the Winksite.com team) (David Harper) that shows an interface specifically designed for Opera DS. It will automatically detect if users are using a Nintendo DS to acces your Wordpress webpage and apply a proper theme to accomodate for a small screen.

To see it in action go to my blog using your DS or using Firefox using the user agent switcher. A small image for those who do not have OperaDS (and don’t want to hassle around looking it up via FireFox’s user-agent switcher);

If you install both the original Wii plugin and this DS plugin your wordpress blog will show up correctly on both the DS and the Nintendo Wii! The theme for the DS was made so it fits fully on the top screen. That way you can use the “direct input” mode (pressing R when in overview mode with the top screen zoomed) to scroll easily without having to search for your information. More information on the page above.

“ If you don’t have a Nintendo DS you can still check out if the plugin was installed correctly. Firstly download Firefox. Then install the user agent switcher. Restart Firefox after installing the addon then go to “extra-user agent switcher-options-option”. Then to user agents in the left menu and press the add button. Now add a user agent (name/description doesn’t matter, I choose OperaDS) and fill in the “user agent” line with this; Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Nitro) Opera 8.50 [en]. Finish adding it and then select it in the “extra-user agent switcher-…” menu. Then go to your (or mine to test if the settings are correct) blog and see the magic .“

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