Via RGH dump... X360Key has announced that their ODDE now supports Trinity/Corona Xbox 360 consoles with Hitachi Slim drives. Requires you to do RGH.

The X360Key Team have announced that their Xk3y ODDE (Optical Disc Drive Emulator) is now able to emulate the Hitachi Drive from the XBOX Slim (0500 & 0502).

However, it seems that it requires to do a RGH on it, in order to grab the CPU Key and "two other files" from the NAND. So, because of the ODDE limit next to a RGH, it could be 'useless', unless you want to make a Dual NAND console.

Regardless, here's their official statement:

All Xk3y features are now working with Trinity and Corona consoles & HItachi Slim drives (0500 & 0502). This requires Xell data (CPU Key) and two files from your NAND.
Get more info about the Xk3y on its official website HERE!

News-Source: News Article #3041 (via) EurAsia