Last week, a Hong Kong person wishing to remain anonymous, explained a method to turn your PS3 console in Devkit.

This method was very technical, but it will not take long for a number of tools are emerging to facilitate this task. Developers who have looked at it even worked quite well in bringing new software today, CEX2DEX, which will be discussed later, which provides more support for Nand. relativize all the same, ease the task is a big word, only the creation of Nand / Nor is facilitated. To achieve it and then flash the console, a flash hardware is required. Since the announcement of this achievement, both programs allow the creation of this Nand / Nor. PS3Tools GUI has been updated to version 2.6 with support for memory Dex To Cex Nor CEX2DEX and allows for him to create Nor, as well as Nand, but also the extraction of Metldr. To achieve all this, it You will need a dump of your console, using a chip or flasher type E3 ProgSkeet then change your memory before reinjecting it into your console. As with any change affecting the Flash console, this operation is very risky for your console. CEX2DEX a PS3Tools 2.6