Elder Scrolls developer says it's easier to push limitations on PC

The PC’s open format makes it the best platform for MMOs, the head of Zenimax Online Studios.
In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Matt Firor said the PC’s “wide open” nature is what has made it the system of choice for MMO developers.

“Online game development is all about doing whatever you want, pushing limitations, and it’s just easier to do on an open platform. Someday, it may all change,” he said.
The Zenimax studio head went on to say that the reason for the disparity between MMOs on PC and console is because of the “desk vs couch argument”.
“It’s the classic desk vs couch argument, but it is blurring over time. The current-gen and previous-gen MMOs were all about using the keyboard and mouse, and sure, everyone used things like Ventrilo and other voice chat services, but that only works in a small group.