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Thread: Moonshell v1.6 Final Beta 2 - Multimedia Application for Nintendo DS

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    NDS Moonshell v1.6 Final Beta 2 - Multimedia Application for Nintendo DS

    MoonShell is a multimedia player for Nintendo DS (Lite) consoles. It has support for DPG video files, MP3/NSF audio files and viewing JPG/Jpeg/BMP/PNG (non progressive) files, it also has support for TXT textfiles. MoonShell supports dualscreens and it has full support for the touch screen. MoonShell has plug-in system that allows to add any compatible plug-in just by copying the plug-in files to the appropriate folder. MoonShell also comes with several kind of useful plug-ins.

    Heres whats new:

    - MoonShell Ver1.6 finalbeta2
    This is a version that can be used with 'M3Simply/R4/SCDS/EZ5'.

    The disk driver changed completely.
    There is a possibility that the adaptor that has worked up to now doesn't work.
    I want to ask for a lot of tests.
    Attention: Start NDSROM file name was changed.
    folder name '/shell' was changed to '/moonshl'.
    file name 'global.ini' was changed to 'moonshl.ini'

    Download Here -->

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