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Thread: [psp]PSPHustlaz Shell v0.3

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    psp [psp]PSPHustlaz Shell v0.3

    2.6,CRACKED!, Rikardo_92, PSP-KID have updated the shell once more here is the changelog to see the updates.

    *To a large demand the shell name and team will be changing. We have decided on
    Desire Dev Team(DDT, after the website and will be called DesireShell. Which sounds much better

    Have you noticed the difference already?

    1. Told that MP3Player did not work at all in some cases - fixed completly, made it fully compatible on its own.
    2. Told that EBOOT loader did not work in Custom Firmwares - i think the VSH is patched, so I cant use sceKernelLoadExec, but I will try the VSH commands for the next release. So if you are new to the shell do not be surprised, used to work on 1.5 for me (now 3.02 OE-B).
    3. Added a click sound to the Shell but it slows down the menu, PM me if you want it removed to speed up the menu and I will keep it like that in future versions.

    1. Multiple Icon in Shell menu bug fixed (At start of MP3 Player and Shell appears black, jst press any button and the screen will come up - i wouldn't press X because it will load something before you know what you are loading
    2. On the shell's music icon press X to go straight to the Music player, O to define a homebrew (it goes to a filebrowser where it saves the dir to the file, but you cant exit due to an exception error im working on)
    3. MP3's Buttons updated
    4. Fixed some of the problems with the EBOOT loader (please leave feedback if it doesn't load a certain type of EBOOT)
    5. A minor bug crash that shoudlnt have been noticeable - but fixed

    1. Cant use home to exit -> press L+R+Start to exit
    2. Image viewer works but is kinda screwy, cant return to the shell once loaded
    3. Music player works but circles are left at the end of the lines :S, and you cant return to the main shell atm :S

    Here are some new screenshots:

    Download here:

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    I've sent you a PM.
    PS. These releases are coming fast.

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    We are getting more beta testers now, please if you have a 2.0 - 2.8 psp pm us please.

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    scotty i accept? do u have msn? if you do PM me it and ill add you

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