New Sodoku release for Nintendo DS by CrescentMoon

I started on a new project over the christmas break and just got it finished today... it took me a week longer than I wanted as for some reason some of the puzzles don't work properly, but most do, so I haven't been able to find out where the problem(s) is(are) >_>
The puzzles that don't seem to work for me are 2 and 4, I managed to get the others working, so try them if you want
I'm not that big a sudoku fan, but we were given it in class as a suggestion to help us practice C# other Xmas, and I'm bored of that, so I made it in PALib ^_^

Anyways, enough of that, hope you like it, although I now know there are other sudoku games out there for the DS

Use the D-pad, or arrows to select a sudoku then start to play it. Then use the D-pad to select a square and use the stylus to draw in the number... if you can't do it, because it's too hard () or the game's being stupid again and the puzzle doesn't work (XD) press start and return to menu

Lol, I've just had to take out the background music to make the file small enough to upload ^_^ included the emulator file and the supercard file... hope everyone likes it ^_-

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