$550 sequel to RIM's underwhelming debut tablet rumoured to land next week.
The Nexus 7, iPad Mini, and Kindle Fire variants have nabbed all tablet-based headlines lately, but Fudgezilla reports RIM will launch a 4G-enabled (LTE) PlayBook on Tuesday, July 31st.
Besides speedy mobile web connections, other features are said to include:
* Seven-inch display
* 32GB memory
* 1.5 GHz dual-core processor
* 3MP front-facing camera and 5MP rear camera
* Powered by PlayBook OS 2.0

The caveat to RIM's potential profit provider? It's likely to receive a Canada only launch to begin with.
Meanwhile, Bell is thought to be the only operator that will supply the BB tablet, with US networks anxious that the BlackBerry devices will gather dust.