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We're quite aware that all of you aren't RPG fanatics, but that's okay. The Sony consoles became reigning champion of the RPG genre after the SNES drifted off to a tender sleep (but still gets woken up every so often by classic enthusiasts), so for that reason, it's important to hear what the developers of a "crutch" genre have to say about this coming year. Crutch genre, meaning that it's one of the major selling points of Sony consoles -- no other system has had such a focus on them. Anyway, let's make a neat list.

Koei is looking forward to using the cell processor to create "an undisclosed game" fans can freely enjoy. Freely, like downloadable content? Hmm.
Bandai-Namco emphasizes the various functions of all next-gen consoles and admits they have begun working with new hardware. No specifics.
Sega/Sonic Team/Phantasy Star Universe producer spoke of the online capabilities of each console and admitted there's a lot of potential in the Wii. They also mentioned the SIXAXIS and Wiimote as important to the future of gaming.
Nippon Ichi Software spoke of a declining market for high-profile games. Survival in the industry will be dictated by the ability to utilize the next-gen console's capabilities while balancing rising development costs. True enough, if a bit depressing.
Bandai Namco's Tales of... producer said specifically that it's time for the concept behind the Tales series to be rebuilt -- but is unsure about the future of the series at the same time.
Level 5 president Akihiko Hino is optimistic. He's got two titles in the works (one being the Dragon Quest IX game for the Nintendo DS) as well as White Knight Story. He didn't comment on that one, sadly.
From Software announces the development of the DS title also.

Could RPG's be moving more and more onto the DS because of rising development costs and the sheer number of DS's out there? Do you guys think Sony will have to share the genre with it, or will Sony lose it entirely? Either way, it'll be a good year for gamers who like dealing damage in the form of numbers.