Heres the latest news from the PSN Team:

Good news sport lovers, a new version of the BBC Sports App Beta is now available and it’s equipped with new features, more coverage and many, many more pixels.
The new version of the beta supports high definition footage across the live events featured in the app and, since the PlayStation community will be amongst the first in the country to try it out, we’re really keen to get your feedback on how it performs. Once you’ve given it a go, leave us a comment down below to let us know what you think.
In addition to HD goodness, the BBC is adding more and more content to the app to cover off this Summer’s big sporting event in London. Be sure to pay it a visit for oodles of live coverage, highlights reels and even a medals table so that you can track each country’s success.
If you’ve not grabbed the BBC Sports App Beta yet – just visit the “My Channels” icon under TV/Video Services on your PS3 system to grab it.
The BBC is still adding features to the app as it goes through its beta trial, so don’t forget to comment below with your feedback! See you in the comments!