360mpGui by ichunddu is a pretty neat Xbox 360 Multi-function Tool for Windows which allows you to extract and create ISOs.

It also includes a DLC Patcher, a Title-ID and Media-ID Manager, a Title Update searcher/downloader and its own ABGX360 GUI interface.

Well, a new version has been released. Here's the changelog for v1.0.2.3 BETA:

Last Update:
15.07.2012 Fix small Things and add a Startpic/new Icon
(Thx to MaxDaMi from BoerseBZ for GFX)

Previous Updates:
10.07.2012 CPU goes up to 50% in Task Manager - fixed
07.07.2012 More ISO-Info to Extract-ISO Screen added
07.07.2012 Batch-Mode for Extract-ISO added
01.07.2012 Update to (Fix Bugs)
29.06.2012 Abgx360-Gui added

26.06.2012 First Release of 360mpGui
See our 'forum thread' for more screenshots and other info!

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