Rogero DEX released a custom firmware 3.55 with options Peek / Poke and Downgrader.

Features: - It can be used normally as a 3.55DEX during conversion to CEX DEX - It can be used as a 3.55DEX that can run backups - It can be used to downgrade from firmware 3.55 + DEX This new custom of Rogero is primarily intended for those interested in testing new Hack To Cex in Dex to use only a Pup for all phases to hack. [Update V2] - Support of Peek / Poke - The checks of Lv1 are patched not to verify the Hash Syscon (avoids some bricks) - Installation and Retail Pkg PseudoRetail on Dex - Launch code unsigned - no console installation on Blu-Ray can - Options downgrade from 3.55 to 3.55 + Dex Dex (The as 3.55DEX-Downgrader) Rogero currently being absent, he was unable to test himself this custom. He said that the downgrade is certainly functional Dex only 4.11 and not 4.20. Thanks to the green-to information. Source: