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Thread: Nintendo Plan 30 DS Titles for E3

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    Default Nintendo Plan 30 DS Titles for E3

    Enterbrain Inc may not be the most well known source for industry info, but President Hirokazu Hamamura of the Japanese magazine publisher has announced that Nintendo will unveil a whopping thirty titles for its portable DS console at this year's E3.
    Referring to the DS, Hamamura is quoted as saying: "This will be a product unlike anything available right now." The publishing magnate also confirmed that the DS "will come with a touch panel."

    Enterbrain had more positive news regarding Nintendo, which was the number one games publisher in Japan for the business year ending March 31.

    Meanwhile, more as yet unsubstantiated rumours suggest Nintendo is set to showcase a mysterious new peripheral for the GameCube at E3. A spokesperson at Nintendo of Europe refused to comment.

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    Default Re: Nintendo Plan 30 DS Titles for E3

    I am going to marry nintnedo, that is its a woman LOL jk, I always look forward to nintendo products, they always kick ass and rock.

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