More news about the GameCube emulator for PC.

Hello all,
I'd just like to give you all a little status update on where the project is heading. What with 64bit Dolphin in the works, and the latest Gcube, we thought that it be necessary for us to follow the same trend, and post some information :-)

In all honesty, not a whole lot has gone on with the emulator since about september, mostly due to the fact of the developers being in school/work and not having a lot of free time. Most of the shots posted in October on the website were even at that time out-of-date. And since then, no major updates have been made.

However, recently, the project has become very much allive again. I'd like to welcome two new very experienced members to the team, Azimer (from the Apollo64 and Audio plugin fame), and hcs (from the in_cube and 64th Note fame). I cannot speak on behalf of the other two developers developers, Aprentice and Lightning, although I do know that they still have interest in the project, however limited their free time may be. As far as I am concerned, I have been working on a new Gekko Video plugin from the ground up, and it is currently at the point of running a handful of 3D demos.

All in all, it's really shaping up to be a great next few months for Gekko. I can't wait until I have something worthy of releasing, however long or short amount of time that may take.

As usual, feel free to stop by on IRC at #Gekko on Efnet, or by heading over to the website Gekko

ShizZy / the Gekko Team