Mobile analytics firm adeven has launched Apptrace, a free portal that allows publishers and developers to examine the iOS app space to determine when they should enter their apps into the market.
adeven claims a common problem with the App Store is a lack of visibility. Apptrace found that two-thirds of apps are off the list when users search for them on the iPhone and iPad, rendering them 'App Zombies'.
Apptrace has been built to read more than 300 million data points across 155 countries that have access to the App Store.
Other stats show 47 per cent of the top 1000 US games apps are free, while 17,317 of the 26,646 new apps launched in June 2012 were free.
Christian Henschel, co-founder and CEO of adeven, said: "Having worked in the industry for a number years my co-founders and I became frustrated with what we saw as broken offerings.