Now a developer has posted on the Wiki Ps3 a method for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) Software Emulator on 3.55 without the dongle USB Cobra on all Ps3 Slim or Phat.

Use: - Replace the files in / dev_flash / downloaded by those in the archive-p3dwik ps2compatfiles.rar - Factory Service Mode Switch - Inserted the original PS2 - it starts the backups do not work. You compatibility 2.60 and all its bugs. PS2 Compat. flag All consoles have their hardware information. In GameOS you can call the syscall Lv2 393 (0x189) sys_sm_get_model for your information. Lv1/Hypervisor its in the repository nodes sc 0x5B lv1_get_repository_node Parameters with "sys", "hw", "config" usually have noded "sys.hw. config # 0 "or something. xmb and check if this Flag is 0, we get "This model of the PS3 system is not compatible with PlayStation 2 format software." Be careful as any transaction involving the flash console this operation has risks.