The developer PSDev release a new version of its application called Final Edition PS3Tools GUI.

New / fixed: - Added scetool v0.28 - New keys added to the keyset - New script to sign Eboot - New records system - Button "do it" deleted, the action is done when it is selected - Remove SELF tools - Each operation in its own dialog box It was funny to make this application it has received 12 updates great. I am sad to stop working, but I'd be happy to see what people will do. I will releaser source code, but not today, not in this topic. It is also the most stable version, all functions were tested and not only by me (Dcnigma, Industerialcode) and all is working properly. The system works in a new way. There are individual files (PUP Tools scetool, Core_os Tool ect). To use a tool, place a file in the correct folder. scetool In the folder, there is a script that can be edited fix.bat to sign your EBOOTs. To change the firmware (3.41) compression. PS3Tools 3.3