Founder and CEO of Crytek Cevat Yerli knows that a lot of people want to play a new TimeSplitters game – but "a lot" just isn't enough to get one made. At least, not yet.

"I tested through my official blog to see how big the TimeSplitters community is, and while the volume of responses was quite high, we feel it's not high enough yet," Yerli tells VG24/7. "That being said, it did indeed trigger a deeper evaluation of what we do with TimeSplitters, and I can only say this for now: We might have some surprises coming soon."

In April, Crytek officially rebuked rumors it was developing a new TimeSplitters. For now, Yerli and Crytek are focused on creating gaming's future in the form of social experiences, with Warface's Gface streaming system leading the charge. Perhaps the surprise for new TimeSplitters content will be the franchise-specific social network "Timeface," or maybe even "Splitleg."