It's small, it's casual fun, it's something great for the summer vacation. When the sun beats down, you retaliate with Fire Mario. And when it gets too hot, jump into a cool bubble bath. This week, the Fire Mario 3D puzzle and the Super Mario Bath Balls are the special items!

A 2D puzzle could be fun, but a 3D one is much more challenging. Start off with something simple, colourful and very playful. Build your own fire Mario. There are 39 pieces of puzzles. Some of them, the hands and the feet, for example, are easy to distinguish enough, but can you build the rest of his body?

Building puzzles is one of the ways to keep your mind sharp. But after so much brain exercises, it's time to cool off. The pipe cleaning brothers is coming to help you. They make bath time even more exciting.

Unwrap the bath balls and drop them into your tub. The ball dissolves into perfumed bubbles. There is a surprise inside the ball. See who you fish out of the water, is it baby Mario? Luigi? Or any of ...[more]