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    Default Wraggster.

    You know man.. I do have a great deal of respect for you. I'm sure the others in the revival campaign feel the same way. If it wasn't for you there would have never been a shadowprophet. Or a Kaiser or even a shrygue that helped to build this community.

    We don't want war with you.. we want you to hear us,, and consider our proposals to better this community...

    You need to wake up and see the reality of what's happening to the community around you.. this is not a slump or a down time for homebrew.. this is the effect of your narrow minded ideals. Of thinking that a large thriving community can be ran by just one man with one vision..

    I feed off your fears

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    Yes, this site really needs some changes. The forum design is quite annoying and it seems like the users have mostly abandoned this site. I'd love to see DCEmu UK become as strong as it used to be, but a lot of work needs to be done to achieve this.
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