There are few core game genres that have successfully excelled on iOS. Cave shooters are certainly one of them.
For those who are yet to experience ‘the Cave way’, it goes something like this: You fly a 2D ship horizontally or vertically along a level while shooting stuff. Oh, and it shoots back at you. With around a billion bullets.
Hence the name ‘Bullet Hell’, which is used by many to refer to the genre.
And the glorious thing about it is that a genre that relies on pinpoint precision of movement is, it transpires, absolutely ideal for touchscreen devices.
There are compromises, of course. While touchscreen movement is unparalleled, touchscreen button presses are not. While all Cave shmups are repurposed for iOS due to this very reason, some work better than others. And Espgaluda II is the absolute best.
Its iPhone mode, in particular, is absolute genius. But it does require the right approach from the player. Unlimited continues means getting to the end is entirely possible. But the real bread and butter for any Cave player is the 1CC (as in, one credit complete) and getting to end without using any continues is the real meat of any Cave shmup.
The clever implementation of various difficulty modes means that should be possible for those willing to put in some hours. Although once the 1CC is obtained, players will then turn to the high score tables. And that’s when any Cave shooter comes to life.
We won’t even detail how that works as we have to go home some time later this afternoon. But the reason we’re banging on about Espgaluda II is that Cave has an iOS sale on right now. What better time to pop that Bullet Hell cherry?
Cave’s iOS sale prices are as follows. The promotion runs until Friday August 17th:
Espgaluda II – £3.99
Espgaluda II HD – £7.49
Bug Princess – £1.99
Bug Princess 2 – £2.99
Mushihimesama Bug Panic – 69p
Deathsmiles – £4.99
DoDonPachi Resurrection – £3.99
DoDonPachi Resurrection HD – £7.49
DoDonPachi Blissful Death – £1.99