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    Default Dios Mios Lite 2.2

    Following the release of Dios Mios (for loading of GC games since a FAT32 HDD), Crediar had put a little aside version "Lite" in his famous cmIOS (dedicated to loading games from the GC only front SD slot of the Wii). Version "Lite" was finally synchronized with the "standard" version a few days ago and therefore take all the new integrated Dios Mios. Note: D ios M ios and D ios M ios L ite share the same slot of installation (cmIOS). It is therefore possible to install one of the two versions, depending on your needs (for HDD DM, DML for SD).

    Mini-tutorial installation and use: * Requirements: - The latest version of DM (L) attached - Wad Manager or Channel File Manager (or other software capable of install WAD) - A loader manager Dios Mios (Lite) 2.0 ( open wiiflow mod-R553 , usbloader GX r1193 , CFG loader mod r36 ) - A HDD compatible with a FAT32 partition, marked active , first on the HDD , formatted 32K if possible (DM) OR an SD card, if possible formatted 64K (DML) - A conversion software games: DiscEX , GCReEX or Gamecube ISO Tool (recommended) * Installation: - Install the latest version of Dios million (Lite) or with Wad Manager Channel File Manager (or other software capable of installing a WAD) - install the latest SVN version of your favorite loader (warning, the last compiled version is not necessarily the latest SVN version! ) - Your Games Gamecube must be converted, two size choices available to you: discEX or GCReEX. Gamecube ISO Tool has a graphical interface and can convert in both formats. - The format DiscEX (-c) is recommended because it keeps the game in ISO format + bootloader while GCReEX unpacks all the files (making writing and transfer of the hardest games) - The GC games will be placed in a directory "Games" at the root of the FAT32 partition of HDD (DM) or SD (DML) - The HDD should ABSOLUTELY be connected to port 0 of Wii USB (DM) * Usage: the loaders detect Dios Mios (Lite) and automatically look in the default directory "Games" at the root of a partition formatted as FAT32 and marked active, the HDD connected to port 0 the console (DM) or the SD card (DML). No specific setting is required, UNLESS you want to enjoy your games with 480p PAL, you can force the options of your loader. Beware though, this option may cause minor problems with some video games. If you have any problem (black screen or otherwise), you can check the official FAQ Mios de Dios , fairly comprehensive on the subject. ====== ================================================== === Changelog: 2.2 (2012-07-20) Added a new pattern DVDLowRead (fixed Luigi's Mansion and maybe USA Other Games) Made the DVDGetDriveStatus optional patch via a config since it broke Some games (DML_CFG_NODISC) (still Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Goblin Commander, King Kong, ...) (2012-07-18) Added code to Prevent drives going Into sleep mode Fixed bug has ignored the DML_CFG_PADHOOK Which setting and always patched PADHOOK (fixed PSO1 & 2) 2.1 (2012 - 07-17) Improved patch code and made ​​it more versatile Improved. elf patching code (fixed Nightfire) Improved No Disc patching Added a hack for PSO I & II EUR / USA Added the wide screen hack by Extrems The NODISC config setting has-been removed since it's beens unused since 1.0 Removed debug output USBGecko Dios Mios Lite 2.2 Official Site:

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    For some reason my games are not showing up in usb loader gx or cfg. After installing dml i setup my sd card and still there is no sign of the game when i go cfg or any other loader. Do i have to do something in setting? i am on system menu 3.4 softmod.

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