The Team Xecuter tell us tonight about some information on their ongoing work.

Some people saw a new version was out of CoolRunner (CoolRunner Rev D). The team to quickly react and announced that it is merely a clone with integrated oscillator (for RGH on Corona V1). The TX board if you can not wait for the CoolRunner III, to take a CoolRunner Rev. C (A or B will also work) and set up their special QSB Corona (Corona CR QSB upgrade kit). Speaking of CoolRunner III, after extensive testing, the result is not as good as it l 'affirmed on Trinity. The RA III will be available within a few weeks, until the production starts. And finally, the team says working on a new version of motherboards Corona Corona v3 which has a 64 MB Nand (Team FDOU lot 1216X April 2012). More news soon ... Thanks to Yoann-95 for information. Official Website: