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Thread: Okiwi-a free NDS Browser News Update

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    NDS Okiwi-a free NDS Browser News Update

    Some news from the coders of Okiwi which is going to be a free NDS Browser:

    These days I've been working in the graphical user interface and now I'm including a necessary keyboard to allow text input in our Nintendo DS.

    My intention is to publish in the very short term a demo which will show that pieces of the software that can integrate with each other yet and play their role, although in an incomplete fashion. I hope all doubts about this browser's development reality clear up this way.

    About collaborations, altough I thank that some of you are offering to contribute with graphics or programming, the project is closed to this by now. It's probable that this changes in the future, and I try to make a team. If that happened, I'd make a request in the blog and I'd begin to gather applications from that point.

    Some words to the blog translators: thank you for the work you've done till now. From here on I will deal with that task, until the updating frequency raises again making it advisable for me to leave it.

    By the way, ¡happy 2007!

    por Pedro J. Estébanez

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    ill be waiting for that demo.

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    I'm the one who went on there saying its fake and everything. Just so we could get some demo/ a faster release:rofl:

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    I doubt what you said had anything to do with accelerating a release.

    And it's pretty lame that you would try those kind of tactics.

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