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Thread: DS-Xtreme News - Qkin Fixed!!

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    NDS DS-Xtreme News - Qkin Fixed!!

    Heres whats posted on the official site

    We are happy to report that we now have a full stable fix for the qkin problem. This is an FPGA logic update which fixes a known hardware issue affecting many users. We are releasing this fix as a public beta. We will move towards a final release if no serious issues are found.

    As this is a hardware logic update, it will take slightly longer to apply then a normal firmware update, and the progress bar will proceed more then once. It is important that you leave your usb cable connected until a message box appears telling you that the update has completed. The LEDs will turn off during the update, and will turn back on when the update is complete. After the update, the updater will still report the firmware version as 1.0.2, this is normal.

    With this release, our firmware version stays at 1.0.2, and the hardware version is brought up to 1.0.1. The next release of the updater tool will be able to show the firmware and hardware versions separately.

    Before applying the update, users who have been affected by the qkin problem should format their DS-Xtreme, and it is recommended to copy the 1.0.2 skin folder, available below, back onto the device.

    We would like to take this time to again thank everyone for their patience with us as we developed this fix, and also to apologize for the inconveniences this bug has caused. We would also like to thank all of the users who helped us in resolving the issue, especially those users who sent us their devices for analysis, and all of the initial beta testers.


    Download the new updater HERE

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    So.. Does the mean the save bug will eventually be fixed too

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