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Thread: SEGA Announces New Q1 Virtual Console Titles

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    Rev SEGA Announces New Q1 Virtual Console Titles

    via ign

    Today SEGA of America announced that five more titles from the Genesis would be making their way to the Wii's Virtual Console. These games will be released throughout Q1 2007 and include: Streets of Rage, Bio-Hazard Battle, Gain Ground, Comix Zone, and Bonanza Bros.

    "The Wii Shop Channel is a great avenue for gamers who want instant access to classic SEGA Genesis titles," said Scott A. Steinberg of SEGA of America. "Legendary titles such as Streets of Rage, Comic Zone and Bonanza Bros. are a perfect fit for this platform and will be ready for download later this month."

    Virtual Console titles can be downloaded through the Wii Shop Channel by using Wii Points. Wii Points can be purchased online or at select retailers. Each of these games will cost 800 Wii Points.

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    Nice, Streets of Rage! I can't wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraggster View Post
    Comix Zone

    I'm all over that. :thumbup:
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