The Nintendo DS and GBA emulator for windows has once again been updated, heres the news from this release:

<BLOCKQUOTE>Large modifications demand a number change, so welcome to version 0.0.3. Firstly some relatively minor things. I changed the MMU to actually register waitstates with the clock, instead of just adding them to some useless variable; you should notice a little speedup. Also, I've modified the way SWI waits are handled, so they require acknowledgement before they can continue.

Moving up, I've moved the child window creation and handling from the main executable into the seperate DLLs. It was getting ridiculously unwieldy, and starting to clutter up the DLL vTable with entries that could be removed with a small redesign. There may still be a few bugs with the new child window handling; if you come across any, do let me know.

Some of you have commented that the emu has purported to load .NDS files for some time, without actually being able to interpret the header structure. Well, now the DS core can load the seperate CPU executables into their right places and start executing them. I'll leave you to see what loading two binaries means, but just note; it's bugged to high heck, and is unlikely to work in almost all cases.</BLOCKQUOTE>

Download from <a href="" target="_blank" >Here</a>.