Before we delve into what we want from future entries in the Metroid series, let's take a moment to consider what we think might happen, based on previous games, and good old-fashioned rampant speculation.
The two Wii titles offer a lot of clues, if not to the story - future Metroids will almost certainly involve Space Pirates and phazon - but to the thinking behind recent changes, which will likely continue into development of the next game.While the first two Metroid Primes toyed with plenty of new ideas - the second more so, introducing a Zelda-style dark world into the equation - Corruption was the first to challenge one of the fundamental concepts of the series: that Samus always acts alone.
Quite a lot of the early game was spent in the company of fellow bounty hunters, or space marines who would feel more at home in Halo. If the previous games evoked the tense, scary Alien, then Metroid Prime 3 was more like Star Wars: an epic space opera that encompassed multiple planets, and had a bigger vein of narrative running through it.
Other M famously featured an even greater focus on story, piling ever more characters onto the set and giving each of them much, much more to say. As a sequel to the lonely platforming of Super Metroid it was almost blasphemous, delving into Samus' past and personality in ways that were disappointing to a lot of fans.